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  • Kyle LeRoy

Be like the Beaver Trappers!

Though the term “ergonomic” did not originate until the mid-1800’s, people have always been looking for ways to make their lives just a little bit easier. In the beginning of time, when primitive humans had to hunt for their food, Man created/invented animal traps as a way of capturing food even while he slept, gathered supplies, or was occupied elsewhere. In the late 16th century and early 17th century, traps were modernized for economic gain - for the purpose of trapping beavers for the North American fur trade. We continue to invent and refine ways of increasing productivity in the workplace, letting physics and machines do the heavy lifting for us. This is why we now have technological advances like cranes, lift tables, conveyor belt systems, pallet handling and drum handling equipment. It helps us minimize most of the lifting, stretching, twisting and bending that we would normally have to do in a manufacturing or warehouse setting and cuts down the possibility of injury (and thus the number of injury claims) by a substantial percent.

So, Kyle, where are you going with this? Everyone has a need for some type of ergonomic equipment in their facility- whether it be a pallet leveler or a crane. There is always a need that can be met within a workplace environment. For instance, did you know that manual material-handling accounts for the most lost time injuries, the largest number of claims, and the highest costs of workman’s comp insurance claims? This can be reduced drastically by investing in ergonomic equipment, and there’s an added benefit of contributing to the overall welfare of your employees. One of the main reasons employees may choose to leave a company is because they do not feel appreciated or valued. The most productive running facilities have happy employees , a supportive work environment, and capitalize on cutting-edge technologies. When you purchase a piece of ergonomic equipment, you are not just investing in the equipment, you are investing in your employees. Employees are more motivated when they know that they are being given the tools to do their jobs in a safer and more efficient manner. Ergonomic equipment was made to keep production running at full capacity while treating your employees fairly and not burning them out. As an employer, you want your facility to be the most productive that it can be, BUT this is only a possibility when your employees are feeling fresh and can maintain a good energy level throughout the day.

In conclusion, ergonomic equipment is a win for both employers and employees! It keeps productivity at full capacity all day and it also ensures that your employees are safe, un-injured and feeling fresh throughout their entire shift! Investing in a piece of ergonomic equipment will pay for itself over and over again. So be like the beaver trappers and let ergonomic equipment do the work for you!


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