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  • Kyle LeRoy

Benefits of using a Lift Table

Industrial lift tables bring an enormous return on investment to any material handling business. Lift tables benefit a factory or warehouse facility in many different ways. These are the primary returns and benefits material handling businesses receive from lift table investments:

  • Efficiency: Lift tables improve a material handling facility’s efficiency. Using lift tables limits worker time and strain from reaching beyond the comfort zone. This reduces activities that lead to fatigue and productivity slowdown. Businesses become far more productive in time, and that returns in economic profits.

  • Economics: Because lift tables reduce time spent in raising and lowering heavy loads, they also reduce associated handling costs. Another economic benefit is lowered injury rates, which can lower workers' compensation costs. That, in itself, is a benefit well worth investing in.

  • Ergonomics: Ergonomic benefits are nearly impossible to place a true value on. Lift tables are vital components in an ergonomically designed workplace. Making a better fit between business handling needs and worker ergonomic requirements is an immeasurable improvement. Lift tables deliver highly important ergonomic benefits to employers and employees alike.

  • Versatility: Lift tables are versatile pieces of material handling equipment. There is a wide range of industrial lift table types and options offered in today’s market. Businesses benefit from standard designs like manual, mechanical, hydraulic, electric and pneumatic operating systems. They also benefit from versatile options like stainless steel construction and custom design options.

  • Portability: Industrial lift tables can have portable designs. That increases versatility benefits to an extended reach where one lift table can be used in multiple locations about a facility. Portability can extend to outdoor use in some applications. This is a benefit well worth considering when investing in industrial lift tables.

  • Stability: Quality lift tables are stable and sold material handling tools. When sourced from a reputable American material handling equipment supplier, lift tables will have industrial-grade construction with stability built-in. Stability benefits everyone and everything in the facility by protecting products and goods and keeping workers safe.

  • Safety: One of the biggest benefits of all from buying American-supplied industrial lift tables is improved worker safety. Top-quality lift tables reduce or remove worker strain from extending beyond the power and handshake zone. These improved ergonomic benefits make for a safer workforce. Ergonomic safety also returns the benefit of improved employee morale.

  • Morale: Employees equipped with professional material handling equipment like industrial lift tables will be safer, happier and have excellent productivity. That winning combination benefits the facility’s entire morale. In return, everyone in the supply chain benefits from vendors through workers and on to customers. That improved fit is a benefit well worth the initial investment.

Investing in industrial-grade lift tables is a serious step towards ergonomic safety and profitability. Lift tables can be an expensive investment, and purchasing these beneficial production and safety assets requires thought and consideration. Safely operating lift tables also needs careful attention and the right training. All in all though, this is a great investment that will pay for itself in no time!

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