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  • Travis Wright

7 Pieces Drum Lifting Equipment Your Warehouse NEEDS

Having the right drum handling equipment can make things easier and safer in the workplace. Today, we’re putting a spotlight on a few drum lifting equipment essentials and explaining why each piece is important in helping workers get their jobs done right.

There are many benefits to utilizing proper drum lifting equipment in your factory or warehouse, each contributing to an even smoother process. Long-term advantages include the following:

  • Improves workplace safety, reducing accidents and incidents related to improper handling and stress injuries. This then reduces overall injury claims and employees having to take time off from work, instilling a sense of confidence and workplace satisfaction

  • Maximizes employee output thanks to efficient handling

  • Improves product quality while reducing the risk of product damage

Now that you understand the need to have proper drum lifting equipment for your employees, let’s delve into some of the most essential pieces that can help your productivity and bottom line.

1. Drum Rotators

If you need to mix or agitate the contents of your drum, a drum rotator is a necessity for your company. Drum rotators work by thoroughly blending material so that everything is evenly distributed, and nothing settles at the bottom of the drum. The process works without the drum ever being opened, minimizing the risk of spillage and/or contamination.

There are two types to choose from when picking your rotator: a drum roller and a drum tumbler or mixer. Drum rollers work by stopping the drum from rolling away while still allowing it to rotate in place around its longer axis, combining and mixing in the process. A drum tumbler rotates a drum end-over-end to mix the contents. This is the more aggressive option.

2. Drum Cradles

Lifting, transporting, and pouring drums can put a strain on your employees if they’re using improper equipment, or worse, lifting the drum themselves.

A drum cradle can improve operational safety and efficiency. With a simple, one-man operation, you can tip, drain, and store up to 55-gallon drums.

A drum upender allows the user to tilt a 55-gallon drum to the vertical position. A tipping lever provides operators the needed leverage to pull over 55-gallon drums from the upright position on the drum cradle.

3. Forklift Attachments

Your employees should never be transporting drums without proper equipment. This can lead to costly and dangerous workplace accidents. Instead, use a forklift attachment. A forklift attachment can be used to carry drums throughout your facility with ease. A forklift drum lifter is specially designed to carry and transport drums with a secure grip and is built to overcome any unique operational challenge.

4. Mobile Drum Handlers

Looking to transport, mix, or pour the contents of a drum quickly and safely? You need a mobile drum handler. A standalone mobile drum handler allows the pouring height of the drum to be adjusted to minimize any strain or reach that may otherwise be required. A mobile drum handler has built-in wheels to let the operator move it anywhere on the work floor. There are typically two types: manual and hydraulic.

5. Drum Dollies

Do you need to move drums short distances? A drum dolly can improve the safety and efficiency of your operation through its sturdy and reliable no-fuss design. Drum dollies can help your employees quickly maneuver drums on the work floor with reliable stability. This type of drum lifting equipment is available in a variety of configurations, materials, and weight capacities.

6. Drum Rackers

Placing heavy drums in storage racks without the proper equipment can be tedious and extremely dangerous. A drum racker is used to efficiently lift and rack drums for storage. It works by safely lifting an upright drum and placing it in a horizontal position. Drum rackers typically come in steel or plastic and can stack up to 8½ feet high.

7. Drum Trucks

Hand trucks are incapable of handling the weight of transporting drums across a facility. And when you’re transporting drums of chemicals or various materials to and from the work floor, you need to ensure you’re doing so quickly and securely.

Drum trucks are designed with the shape and size of a drum in mind, built to safely and efficiently transport 55-gallon drums. Due to its simple design, a drum truck is easy to use and is a highly effective way to quickly manipulate and transport material drums.

Increase Productivity With Handling Concepts

Browse our full selection of drum lifting equipment to improve your company’s safety and efficiency today. Have a question or need more information? Get expert advice from our Handling Concepts team—we’re here to help you find a custom solution for your work floor needs.


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