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  • Travis Wright

5 Types of Drum Handling Equipment and Why You Need Them

Here is a variety of drum handling equipment that can help you accomplish each necessary task safely and efficiently. Ergonomic drum handling equipment makes it easy for your employees to lift, move, and pour steel drums and barrels. But which piece of equipment is right for you? Well, it all depends on which tasks you’re looking to accomplish, or which area of your operation is lacking in the proper equipment and efficiency.

Let’s go through the different options available when it comes to industrial drum handling equipment.

1. Palletizers

One of the most difficult and dangerous tasks to accomplish when you’re not using the proper equipment can be putting drums onto a pallet. The drum lifting ability of palletizers allows you to easily move drums on and off of pallets. Using a drum palletizer can simplify tasks like moving a drum of used oil onto a pallet for shipment to a waste oil recycling facility quick.

2. Transporters

When bringing drums of chemicals or various contents to and from the warehouse or machinery area, you need to make sure you’re doing so both quickly and safely. The best way to accomplish this is by using the proper drum lifting equipment and attachments to easily move drums around your facility. This could include an attachment like the forklift drum racker or even a drum truck.

3. Short-Distance Movers

When you have to move a drum a short distance, you want something sturdy and reliable that offers a no-fuss design. A drum dolly features the stability and easy maneuverability that you need when out on the factory floor and faced with the task of quickly moving a drum.

4. Pourers

Drum grabs, lifters, pourers, and below hook carriers make it easy to raise and pour a heavy drum. You’re able to control the drum pouring angle and height while you dispense. And the quality components of these drum handlers make it simple and efficient to maneuver.

5. Mixers

When it comes to mixing the contents of a drum, you should always use drum rotators. There are two types of rotators: a drum roller or a drum tumbler. Drum rollers simply stop the drum from rolling away while allowing it to rotate in place around its longer axis, mixing the contents in the process. Drum tumblers will rotate a drum end-over-end to mix the contents; this is a more aggressive method.

Order Your Drum Handling Equipment Now

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