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  • Travis Wright

4 Advantages of Multi-level Vertical Storage Systems

Industrial warehouses, store back rooms, and other storage areas all need to work within a certain storage footprint. A storage footprint is the amount of space a particular storage system occupies. Whether you’re stocking your business warehouse with materials or storing products as part of an order fulfillment service, taking full advantage of your storage space is important for efficiency, productivity, and safety. In short, the smaller your footprint, the better.

Today, storage has become more vertical than ever. The ceiling heights within storage spaces are continually increasing. To run a successful operation in today’s on-demand environment, multi-level vertical storage systems towering three to four levels high can maximize your footprint while simultaneously improving productivity, efficiency, and safety. Here are four advantages of using vertical storage systems:

1. Increased Product Inventory

If your operation has become constrained due to limited storage, utilizing multi-level vertical storage systems can significantly increase storage space without altering the square footage of your facility. The greater space economy translates into the ability to carry more product inventory on location. You no longer have to maintain secondary, offsite storage areas or feel the need to sacrifice productivity and safety for the sake of keeping all your inventory in one convenient location. If your facility allows for the installation of a two-, three-, or four-level vertical storage systems, you could double or even triple your storage space!

2. Improved Product Safety

Damaged inventory is a significant financial loss for any business. When products are stored on the floor and stacked on top of each other, there is a great risk of your inventory being destroyed or damaged. Inventory that is stored on the floor is susceptible to water damage from floods and physical harm from operators or equipment that are passing by. Vertical storage eliminates many of these dangers! Using wire racks, bins, and other storage systems, your inventory gets off the floor and is safely stored away from floodwaters and the daily hustle and bustle of your operation. Using vertical storage can greatly reduce financial losses associated with destroyed or damaged products.

3. Boosted Efficiency and Productivity

Unorganized storage can have a serious effect on your ability to fulfill orders and run an efficient and productive business. Constantly looking for products, materials, or tools in your warehouse is a waste of time. Vertical storage systems allow you to better see where all of your inventory is located. Plus, using location labels on your vertical storage system is a great way to further improve efficiency and productivity. Vertical location and companion labels are a grouping of color-coded stickers with barcodes that contain specific information for each level of racking in a particular aisle of vertical storage. These labels allow your operators to quickly locate specific products while eliminating the need for long-range scanning.

4. Enhanced Operator Safety

Most importantly, multi-level vertical storage systems can promote operator safety. Products, materials, and tools that are stored on the floor can be a tripping hazard, and unstable stacks of inventory could collapse. Vertical storage eliminates these hazards by getting your inventory off the floor and providing a flat, stable location where it can be stored. Additionally, the large majority of the vertical storage system can only be accessed using forklifts and other safe lifting mechanisms. This greatly reduces employee or operator injuries associated with lifting and stacking heavy inventory by hand. Our manual pallet stackers and lift tables can help promote employee and operator safety in your workplace.

Take full advantage of your vertical storage and business footprint by calling or contacting Handling Concepts. We will happily answer your questions and find a solution that meets your needs!


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